Sonic Edge was formed to help organisations plan, deliver and run their Modular Datacenters anywhere in the world by providing a range of Edge and HPC ready Modular Datacenter solutions. From street furniture size pods to 100KW N+1 purpose built 100 Rack Prefabricated Datacentres we provide our customers with the ability to deploy their applications anywhere in the world.

At the core of what we do is building and deploying our highly secure Sonic Modular Datacentres that have been specifically designed for Edge, HPC and On-Premise applications

Available in numerous configurations our Modular Datacenters can cater for DX, Chilled Water or state of the art Immersive cooling technology.

Sonic Modular Datacenters make it easy to deploy services, compute and storage as close to your customers as possible. We provide multi tenanted or single use Modular Datacenters and our Pods range from 50KW up to 100KW+ for HPC and Ai.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including: 

Modular Datacenter design, build and commission

Site location services, Feasibility studies and planning application services

Datacenter maintenance and support services including 24/7 NOC