Edge Computing is the next “Big Thing” and many companies are now looking at how to use and manage Edge to accelerate their business, increase profitability and improve engagements with their customers and employees.

Edge computing in a nutshell allows companies to optimise their networks and place more processing power and compute closer to where the action takes place instead of relying on centralised cloud locations to process the data.

As the data doesn’t need to travel back to a central location, Edge Computing can greatly reduce latency, improve performance and bandwidth which all results in a better user experience and reduced costs.

For all this to happen a network of Regional and Distributed Edge sites will need to be developed across the UK to enable a true Edge Computing footprint so a user is never more than 12miles away from an Edge site.

Sonic Edge was formed to help build, maintain and support Edge Infrastructure which will allow organisations to place their applications and services anywhere in the country.

Our range of Prefabricated MDC’s (Modular Datacenters) have been designed to cater for the wide range of requirements needed to deploy and run Micro and Regional Edge services in any location and environment.

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